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barbicel on feathers, a minute hairlike projection from one barbule, which attaches to others of its kind, maintaining the integrity of the feather as a single surface.
believe to have great confidence (in the ability, integrity, justness, or power of a person or thing). [1/6 definitions]
character strong moral and ethical qualities; integrity. [1/7 definitions]
conscience moral integrity. [1/2 definitions]
corrupt lacking integrity; able to be bribed. [1/11 definitions]
dishonorable lacking honor or integrity; disgraceful. [1/2 definitions]
hack2 one who surrenders professional or artistic integrity or commitment in return for monetary reward. [2/10 definitions]
honesty the fact or condition of being honest; integrity; truthfulness. [1/2 definitions]
honor integrity and truthfulness in one's behavior. [1/13 definitions]
mass noun a noun that denotes an abstract, uncountable entity and is not preceded by "a" or "an," such as "integrity," "filth," or "information".
probity proven trustworthiness; honesty; integrity.
rightness moral or just character; integrity. [1/3 definitions]