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even used as an intensive to indicate something surprising or contrary to the expected. [3/17 definitions]
figure of speech an expression, such as a metaphor, hyperbole, or simile, that uses words in a nonliteral, unusual, or intensive manner to produce a certain effect; trope.
heavy-duty made to last through intensive or unusually rough use.
hell (informal) used as an intensive. [1/6 definitions]
huckster to sell or advertise by hawking or other verbally intensive methods. [1/4 definitions]
manhunt an organized, intensive search, usu. for a fugitive or fugitives from the law.
shakedown a complete, intensive search of a person or place. [1/4 definitions]
surely used as an intensive in statements not necessarily supported by fact. [1/5 definitions]
third degree intensive, often painful questioning, as of a police prisoner (usu. prec. by "the"). [1/2 definitions]
ward in a hospital, a large room holding several patients, or a section for patients of a similar type, such as children or patients that require intensive care. [1/5 definitions]