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alternate to cause a constant interchange between. [1/9 definitions]
alternation repeated interchange or succession; continuous rotation. [1/2 definitions]
ASCII abbreviation of "American Standard Code for Information Interchange," originally, a standard code using numbers to represent characters used in writing English, allowing textual data to be transferred between computers. ASCII has been expanded to allow character sets from other languages to be similarly encoded.
change to give and receive in turn; interchange. [1/18 definitions]
cloverleaf a set of interchange roads, patterned like a four-leaf clover, at the intersection of two highways that are on different levels. [1/2 definitions]
inversion a reversal or interchange in order, position, direction, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
ion exchange the interchange of ions between a solid and a fluid, a process often used in water softening.
metathesis the accidental or intentional interchange of letters, syllables, or sounds within one word or among words.
reciprocity a mutual interchange of privileges or favors between two nations, groups, or institutions. [1/2 definitions]