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dabble to work at or be involved in some activity in a shallow or intermittent manner. [1/4 definitions]
discontinuous interrupted or intermittent; not continuous.
dribs and drabs (informal) tiny and usu. intermittent amounts.
gripe (usu. pl.) intermittent sharp pains in the bowel. [1/6 definitions]
induction coil a transformer for converting an interrupted low-voltage direct current to an intermittent high-voltage alternating current, as in some automotive ignitions.
periodic recurring or reappearing at irregular intervals of time; intermittent. [1/3 definitions]
pulsejet engine a jet engine in which the pulsating thrust is provided by intermittent combustion produced by rapid opening and closing of the air intake valves.
runlet a tiny and usu. intermittent stream; rivulet.
spasmodic sudden and short-lived, or happening in intermittent bursts. [1/2 definitions]
stroboscope any device used to study, measure, balance, or otherwise alter the motion of a moving, rotating, or vibrating body by making it appear to slow down or stop with the use of pulsed bursts of light or by viewing it through intermittent openings in a revolving disk.
twinkle to shine with an intermittent or flickering light, as a star. [1/6 definitions]
whimper to cry in weak plaintive intermittent sounds. [1/5 definitions]