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construe to comprehend or explain the meaning or intention of; assign a meaning to; interpret. [1/6 definitions]
decipher to interpret or comprehend (a piece of language) despite difficulties such as obscurity of style or bad handwriting. [1/2 definitions]
exclusive jurisdiction power granted exclusively to a particular court to apply and interpret laws within a particular geographic area or in relation to certain types of matters.
Haggadah (often l.c.) an anecdote, parable, proverb, legend, or the like that serves to interpret scripture or illustrate a point of Talmudic law. [1/2 definitions]
inscrutable impossible to comprehend or interpret; mysterious.
interpretable combined form of interpret.
jurisdiction the right or authority to interpret and administer the law. [1/2 definitions]
literalize to interpret literally.
misconceive to interpret or understand wrongly; misunderstand.
misread to read or interpret wrongly.
misunderstand to fail to comprehend correctly; interpret wrongly.
pervert to state or interpret incorrectly, esp. by intention; distort. [1/5 definitions]
politicize to interpret in a political way; make political.
rabbi a scholar well-versed in or qualified to interpret Jewish law or doctrine. [1/3 definitions]
render to represent or interpret, as in a work of art; depict. [1/7 definitions]
translate to explain simply; interpret. [1/6 definitions]
understand to interpret in a particular way. [1/9 definitions]