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analysis an explanation or interpretation; presentation of the results of separating and scrutinizing. [1/4 definitions]
bibliomancy the making of predictions, answering of questions, or the like, based on the interpretation of a randomly selected passage from a book, esp. the Bible.
Broad Church of or pertaining to a liberal party in the Anglican Church that advocates a broad interpretation of rituals and traditions. (Cf. High Church, Low Church.)
cabala a mystical system of scriptural interpretation that originated in Judaism and was conveyed throughout medieval Europe. [1/2 definitions]
commentator one who provides a commentary, esp. one who reports news along with background information or interpretation in a radio or television broadcast.
construe an interpretation or translation. [1/6 definitions]
counterinterpretation combined form of interpretation.
deep structure in transformational grammar, the abstract syntactic pattern that underlies the construction and interpretation of a sentence.
descriptive characterized by classification and description rather than by explanation or interpretation, esp. in reference to fields of study. [1/2 definitions]
double allowing for more than one interpretation. [1/19 definitions]
exegete an expert in interpretation or analysis, esp. of religious texts.
explanation an interpretation. [1/3 definitions]
Hillel a Palestinian rabbi who formulated the earliest rules for the interpretation of Jewish scripture (60? B.C.-9? A.D.).
iconology in art history, the study or interpretation of symbols or icons. [1/2 definitions]
interpretative concluded or inferred through interpretation. [3/4 definitions]
legalism strict adherence to the law, esp. excessive conformity to a literal interpretation of the law.
midrash an interpretation of a Biblical text as was written by early Jewish scholars to explain Hebrew scriptures. [1/2 definitions]
oneiromancy the practice of attempting to foretell the future by the interpretation of dreams.
overinterpretation combined form of interpretation.
reading an interpretation of a particular text. [3/8 definitions]
revival a new production or interpretation of a dramatic work. [1/4 definitions]