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blip an interruption in audio recording or transmission in television or radio. [1/5 definitions]
break a suspending of activity; interruption. [1/26 definitions]
by the way used to add into a conversation something that is on a different subject. This may simply function as a quick interruption of the original discussion or it may serve to change the direction of the conversation completely.
catch an interruption or break. [1/18 definitions]
consecutive following one after another without interruption; in unbroken order. [1/2 definitions]
continual occurring without interruption or breaks; unceasing. [1/2 definitions]
continue to begin again after a pause or interruption. [2/7 definitions]
discontinuance the act of stopping or condition of being stopped; interruption. [1/2 definitions]
discontinuity an interruption or break; gap. [1/2 definitions]
flow to move smoothly, gracefully, or without interruption, as music, conversation, dance, or thought. [1/8 definitions]
hiatus a gap or break in activity, time, or space; interruption. [1/2 definitions]
holdup a delay or interruption in the progress of something. [1/2 definitions]
intermission a pause or interruption between periods of activity; respite; recess. [1/4 definitions]
interregnum any interruption, pause, or gap in the continuity of something. [1/3 definitions]
night and day without rest or interruption; unceasingly or seemingly unceasingly.
parenthesis an interruption or digression. [1/3 definitions]
perpetual recurring or continuing without stop or interruption. [1/4 definitions]
pick up to begin again after an interruption. [1/8 definitions]
proceed to continue on after an interruption. [1/6 definitions]
resume to start or go on with again after an interruption. [2/4 definitions]
resumption the act or fact of resuming something following a pause or interruption.