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bisect to cut across or intersect, as a road by a railroad. [1/3 definitions]
celestial pole either of two points in the celestial sphere that the earth's axis would intersect if it were extended.
colure either of the two great circles of the celestial sphere that intersect at the poles, one passing through the solstices and the other through the equinoxes.
cross to pass across or intersect. [2/16 definitions]
crossing a place where two roads, routes, or railroad tracks, or a combination of these, intersect. [1/3 definitions]
crossroad the place where two roads intersect; crossing. [1/2 definitions]
crossway the place where two roads or paths intersect; crossroad.
Greek Cross a cross in which the horizontal and vertical bars are of equal length and intersect at their midpoints at right angles.
grid a system of reference lines that intersect at right angles to form uniformly sized squares, used to map points and make diagrams; coordinate system. [1/5 definitions]
intercept in mathematics, to include, as between two lines, points, or surfaces; intersect. [1/5 definitions]
intersection the point or place where two or more things such as roads intersect. [1/2 definitions]
monoclinic of or designating a system of crystal formation in which three crystal axes of unequal length intersect, two at right angles and one obliquely.
orthocenter the point at which the three altitudes of a triangle intersect.
quadrant any of the four parts that result when an area is divided by two lines, real or imaginary, that intersect each other at right angles. [1/5 definitions]
sector in geometry, a figure shaped like a piece of pie and determined by an arc of a circle and the two radii that intersect the endpoints of it. [1/4 definitions]
triclinic of or designating a system of crystallization in which three unequal axes intersect at oblique angles.