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cycle the time interval required for such a sequence to occur; periodicity. [1/7 definitions]
diminished of a musical interval or chord, lower by a semitone or half step.
duration the interval of time during which something exists or proceeds. [1/2 definitions]
half-hour thirty minutes after any hour, or an interval of thirty minutes. [1/4 definitions]
histogram a bar graph of a frequency distribution in which the frequency of a variable is represented by the height of the bar, and the class interval by the width, where each class interval is a summary of data that represents a range of independent variable values rather than a single value.
intensive highly concentrated in a small space or interval of time. [1/5 definitions]
interim the interval of time between two events. [2 definitions]
interlude a pause, space, or event that intervenes; interval. [1/3 definitions]
intermission the pause or interval between parts of a play, concert, or other public performance. [1/4 definitions]
interregnum the interval between the end of one reign or regime and the start of another. [1/3 definitions]
interstice a small or narrow space or interval between two parts or things.
jump an interval or level. [1/20 definitions]
lapse a passing or past interval of time; elapsed period. [1/9 definitions]
loran a navigational system that can determine the position of a ship or aircraft by measuring the time interval between pulsed radio signals from two known ground stations (acronym for "long range navigation").
lunar year an interval of time equal to twelve lunar months.
meantime the specified interval of time. [2 definitions]
meanwhile at the same time; during or in the same interval of time.
minor in music, designating an interval that is less by a semitone or half-step than the corresponding major interval. [1/7 definitions]
nap1 a short interval of sleep, esp. during daylight hours. [1/3 definitions]
octave the interval between these two tones, or the tones or keys of an instrument within this interval. [1/5 definitions]
period a specific, limited interval or span of time. [1/8 definitions]