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annulment a court decree declaring a marriage to be invalid. [1/2 definitions]
caretaker a person who takes care of another, such as an invalid. [1/2 definitions]
coddle to treat with indulgence, as one would treat an invalid or baby; pamper. [1/2 definitions]
discrimination the act, or collective acts, of making invalid, unfair, or hurtful differentiations, as in prejudice against people of minority groups. [1/3 definitions]
disprove to prove to be untrue, erroneous, or invalid.
flaw1 in law, a defect that makes a document invalid. [1/5 definitions]
invalid1 of, related to, or appropriate for an invalid. [2/4 definitions]
invalidate to make invalid; deprive of force or effect.
mistrial a trial that is declared invalid because of an error in the proceedings. [1/2 definitions]
negate to render ineffective or invalid; nullify. [1/2 definitions]
nude unsupported by evidence or otherwise legally invalid. [1/5 definitions]
nugatory having no effect or force; invalid; futile. [1/2 definitions]
null not having any legal force; invalid. [1/4 definitions]
nullity that which is null or invalid, esp. something without legal force or validity. [1/2 definitions]
repudiate to reject completely as invalid or untrue. [1/3 definitions]
rescind to take back or make invalid; revoke.
stuff in the United States, to put invalid votes into (a ballot box) in order to try to win an election by means of fraud. [1/10 definitions]
valetudinarian a person confined or incapacitated by poor health; invalid. [2/4 definitions]
vitiate to make (a legal document or the like) ineffective or invalid. [1/2 definitions]
void in law, not legally binding; invalid. [2/11 definitions]