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absorbed deeply engaged or involved.
actin any of a group of contractile proteins, including proteins involved in muscle contraction, cell motility, and maintenance of cellular shape.
-ade1 persons involved in an action. [1/4 definitions]
ADP a biochemical compound involved in the storing and releasing of energy in all living cells; adenosine diphosphate. (Cf. ATP.)
agriculture the raising of crops and livestock, or the science connected with improving the processes involved.
associate a person who is actively involved with others in running a business enterprise; partner. [1/10 definitions]
athleticism an athletic quality or capacity, as involved in or required by a particular sport, feat, or the like, or as possessed by a person or animal.
autosome any of an organism's chromosomes except the two involved in sex determination.
bisexual being sexually attracted to or involved with those of both sexes. [2/5 definitions]
bookmaker one involved in the making of books. [1/2 definitions]
builder someone or something that builds, esp. one who constructs or is involved in the construction of houses or buildings.
campaign to be actively involved in a campaign. [1/4 definitions]
chain-react to be part of or involved in a chain reaction.
coaster a ship involved in trade along a coast. [1/4 definitions]
commercial bank a bank that is involved primarily in receiving demand deposits that are used as checking accounts, and in making short-term loans.
commitment the state of being devoted or involved. [1/4 definitions]
complicate involved or intricate. [1/3 definitions]
complicit participating in wrongdoing or suspicious activity, or acting in association with those who are involved in such activities.
concerned involved or interested. [1/2 definitions]
conspirator a person who is involved in a conspiracy.
counterrevolutionary of, relating to, or involved in activity opposed to revolution. [1/2 definitions]