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afterburner a device that increases the thrust of a jet engine by injecting fuel into the exhaust gases for burning. [1/2 definitions]
airplane any of various aircraft that are heavier than air and are driven by propellers or jet engines.
B-1 a heavy U.S. jet bomber built for the 1980s.
B-52 a heavy U.S. bomber with eight jet engines.
backwash in aeronautical terminology, air that a propeller, jet engine, or the like pushes toward the rear of an airplane. [1/4 definitions]
combustion chamber an engine chamber, esp. in a jet or rocket, in which fuel or a propellant is burned.
combustor the apparatus in a jet engine in which combustion occurs.
cruise missile a long-range guided missile, propelled by a jet or rocket and capable of being launched from an aircraft, ship, or submarine.
douche a stream or jet of water or air directed at or into a part or cavity of the body, in order to cleanse it. [2/5 definitions]
fanjet a jet engine that uses an impeller fan to draw in more air than is needed for fuel combustion, the excess being mixed with the products of the combustion to form an exhaust jet that provides extra thrust; turbofan. [1/2 definitions]
flame-out failure of the combustion of a jet engine while the aircraft is in flight.
gas burner the nozzle at the end of a gas fixture; gas jet.
gas mantle an incombustible meshwork hood for a gas jet or kerosene wick that gives off a brilliant incandescent light when a flame is lit within it.
hydrazine a colorless and corrosive fuming liquid substance of nitrogen and hydrogen that is used in rocket and jet fuels.
jato an act or the process of taking off by an aircraft using auxiliary or disposable jet or rocket engines (acronym for "jet-assisted takeoff"). [1/2 definitions]
jet1 to travel in a jet airplane. [1/5 definitions]
jet2 made of jet. [2/4 definitions]
jet engine an engine that develops thrust by the backward expulsion of a jet of fluid or gaseous products of combustion, used esp. in aircraft.
jet lag a temporary disruption of biological rhythms as the result of traveling by jet airplane across several time zones.
jetliner a commercial jet airplane used for carrying passengers or cargo.
jetport an airport designed with long runways for use by jet aircraft.