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confluence a joining or convergence of two or more streams, or their point of junction. [1/3 definitions]
hip1 the projecting angle formed by the junction of two slopes of a roof. [1/4 definitions]
jct. abbreviation of "junction."
joint a place or point at which two or more parts come together or are connected; junction. [2/13 definitions]
juncture the point or line at which two bodies are joined, or the thing joining them; junction. [1/3 definitions]
meet1 to form a junction; converge. [1/13 definitions]
roundabout (chiefly British) a circular road junction, in which traffic moves in one direction only, that is situated at a busy intersection to facilitate traffic flow; traffic circle. [1/2 definitions]
switch a device at a railroad junction for diverting trains from one track to another. [1/10 definitions]
terminal the passenger station, offices, and freight facilities at such a point or at a major junction. [1/11 definitions]