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balanced not going too far in the direction of any extreme so that rationality, harmony, or stability is achieved; keeping to proper proportions. [1/2 definitions]
birdcage a cage for confining or keeping birds.
bull pen an enclosure for keeping bulls. [1/3 definitions]
christie (sometimes cap.) in skiing, any of several maneuvers for turning, slowing down, or stopping, esp. while keeping the skis parallel.
civilization an advanced state of development of a society as judged by such things as having a complex system of government and laws, use of a written language, and the keeping of written records. [1/6 definitions]
clerk an official responsible for keeping records and doing the day-to-day work of a legislature or law court. [1/4 definitions]
comport to harmonize or be in keeping (usu. fol. by "with"). [1/2 definitions]
concealment the act of hiding something from discovery or keeping something secret. [1/2 definitions]
confidential having the task of keeping another's affairs private. [1/3 definitions]
counter2 a manual or automatic device for keeping count of something. [1/2 definitions]
deign to consider some act to be appropriate or in keeping with one's dignity; condescend. [1/2 definitions]
drogue an anchor, esp. a canvas sack used for slowing a boat and keeping her prow into the wind. [1/2 definitions]
engaged keeping a promise and plan of marriage; betrothed. [1/4 definitions]
escrow a bond or deed, money, property, or the like put into the keeping of a third party for delivery to the intended receiver after specified conditions have been met.
everlasting of some flowers, keeping their shape and color after being dried. [1/7 definitions]
flock1 a group of animals or birds of one kind keeping or kept together, such as geese or sheep. [1/4 definitions]
florist one whose profession is keeping, arranging, or growing flowers and ornamental plants in order to sell them.
gourami any of various freshwater fishes native to Asia, often brightly colored and popular for keeping in aquariums.
heresy a religious belief or doctrine not in keeping with the established doctrine of a church, esp. the rejection of or dissent from any aspect of Roman Catholic Church dogma by a baptized church member. [1/3 definitions]
horologe any device used for keeping time, such as a sundial or clock.
improper not in keeping with acceptable social behavior; unseemly or indecent. [1/2 definitions]