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Ariadne Cretan princess, daughter of King Minos, who gave Theseus the thread that enabled him to find his way out of the Labyrinth.
Daedalus in Greek mythology, an artist who made wings for himself and his son Icarus to escape from the Labyrinth in Crete.
fenestration an opening in a structure, esp. a surgical opening made in the ear labyrinth to restore hearing. [1/2 definitions]
labyrinthine of, resembling, or forming a labyrinth. [2 definitions]
maze a complicated and usu. intentionally confusing network of pathways between high walls or dense hedges; labyrinth. [2/4 definitions]
Minotaur in Greek mythology, a monster that is half bull and half man, confined in the Cretan Labyrinth.
Theseus king of Athens who, according to Greek mythology, slew the Minotaur and, with the help of Ariadne, found his way out of the Labyrinth.