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abduct to carry off or lead away, esp. by force; kidnap. [1/2 definitions]
amen corner in some Protestant churches in the southern United States, a seating section for those who lead the congregation's responses of "amen."
blaze2 to lead in making or opening, as a new pathway in knowledge. [1/4 definitions]
bluff2 in poker, to attempt to lead opponents into believing that one's hand is stronger than it really is by betting heavily on it, or that one's hand is weaker than it really is by betting very little on it. [2/6 definitions]
bring to take, lead, or carry toward the speaker or from one place to another. [1/3 definitions]
buckshot large-sized lead pellets fired by a shotgun.
bull2 an official papal document, usu. sealed with a round lead seal.
came2 a thin, grooved strip of lead used to secure a piece of glass, as in a stained glass window.
captain to lead as captain. [1/8 definitions]
cestus2 in ancient Rome, a hand covering made of strips of leather weighted with iron or lead and worn by boxers.
command to lead and control. [1/12 definitions]
conduct to guide and lead. [2/10 definitions]
costar one of two or more lead performers in the same presentation. [1/3 definitions]
debauch to lead or seduce into immorality or intemperance; corrupt. [1/3 definitions]
deceive to lead (a person) to believe something that is untrue; mislead; trick; defraud. [1/2 definitions]
descend to lead downward along. [1/7 definitions]
direct to give instructions that lead or guide. [2/14 definitions]
doo-wop a singing style most popular in the 1950s, characterized by a lead singer performing with a chorus singing nonsense syllables, either with or without instrumental accompaniment.
electrotype a copy or facsimile made by electroplating a mold, in wax, lead, or plastic, of an original plate, and used esp. in printing. [1/3 definitions]
ethyl a fluid containing tetraethyl lead and other substances, used in gasoline to reduce engine knock. [1/3 definitions]
ethyl chloride a gas that becomes a volatile flammable liquid under pressure, made from ethyl alcohol and hydrogen chloride and used as a solvent and local anesthetic and in the making of tetraethyl lead.