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bluestocking a learned woman, esp. an intellectual and literary one.
catchy easily learned, noticed, or remembered. [1/2 definitions]
drill1 a learning or training procedure consisting of frequent repetition of certain actions or items to be learned. [1/13 definitions]
erudite having or showing a high level of scholarly knowledge; learned.
fledgling a young bird that has just grown flight feathers or learned to fly. [1/2 definitions]
have (something) down pat (informal) to have learned something thoroughly.
human nature in sociology, learned human behaviors developed through cumulative social experiences. [1/2 definitions]
knack an established trick or way of doing something that can be learned through practice. [1/2 definitions]
lesson a period of instruction in which particular things are taught, or a particular thing or set of things that are to be learned or studied. [1/7 definitions]
lettered educated; scholarly; learned. [1/2 definitions]
literate having or showing education or knowledge; learned. [1/6 definitions]
pandit in India, a Brahman who is learned in Sanskrit and Hindu philosophy. [1/2 definitions]
pat2 learned or mastered exactly or in every detail. [1/4 definitions]
pundit one who is learned or expert in some field. [1/3 definitions]
regurgitate to repeat back, as information learned by rote. [1/3 definitions]
revise (chiefly British) to review material previously learned or intended to be learned, esp. for an upcoming exam. [1/3 definitions]
scholar a learned person, esp. one who is engaged in research or study. [1/3 definitions]
scoutcraft skills learned in organizations such as the Boy Scouts.
self-taught learned without instruction from another. [1/2 definitions]
skill a particular learned thing that helps one to have success in some area. [1/3 definitions]
superego in psychoanalysis, the part of the psyche that controls behavior by applying learned moral standards to one's impulses and desires.