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algebraic fraction a fraction that has at least one algebraic variable or expression in the numerator or denominator, such as 1/x.
arena theater a theater that has a central stage surrounded on at least three sides by seats.
at all to even the slightest degree or extent; in the least (used in negative statements and questions only).
at any rate at least. [1/2 definitions]
billionaire one whose wealth amounts to at least a billion dollars, pounds, francs, or the like.
blended whiskey a blend of two straight whiskeys, or of one with neutral spirits in which the hundred-proof straight whiskey constitutes at least twenty percent of the combined volume.
bottom the position of least worth or value. [1/11 definitions]
bromide a compound consisting of bromine and at least one other element. [1/4 definitions]
chelate to form a ring compound by forming at least one hydrogen bond. [1/7 definitions]
corn whiskey whiskey made from a mash of at least eighty percent corn; corn liquor.
damn (informal) a least worthy thing; almost useless thing. [1/11 definitions]
dregs that part of anything that is left over or that has the least value or use. [1/2 definitions]
equivocal having at least two plausible alternative meanings, often intentionally so in order to deceive or avoid commitment; ambiguous. [1/3 definitions]
exosphere the outermost, least dense portion of the atmosphere.
for the present at least at this moment, though perhaps not afterwards.
fourth world (often cap.) the countries of the world that are poorest in resources and capital and have the most poorly educated population; least developed countries.
free-range of, pertaining to, or produced by animals that can roam freely outdoors for at least part of the day.
fully at least. [1/2 definitions]
hajj the pilgrimage to Mecca that every Muslim is expected to make at least once, esp. during Ramadan.
heterocyclic of or involving chemical compounds whose molecules are rings of carbon atoms with at least one atom of another element. [1/2 definitions]
high-end of the high-priced sort and, at least ostensibly, of high quality.