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aberration an imperfection in an optical lens, or the blurring caused by such an imperfection. [1/3 definitions]
anastigmatic free from astigmatism; esp. of compound lenses, being such that each part of the lens corrects the astigmatism in the other part.
aperture an opening, often adjustable, that controls the amount of light reaching the lens on a camera or other optical instrument. [1/2 definitions]
aqueous humor a clear, watery liquid that fills the chambers between the cornea and the lens of the eye.
astigmatism an irregularity in the curvature of a lens, including that of the eye, that prevents rays of light from meeting in a single focal point, resulting in an indistinct or distorted image. [1/2 definitions]
bayonet a pin protruding from an object such as a flashbulb or lens that secures that object to its socket. [1/3 definitions]
biconcave concave on both surfaces, as a lens.
biconvex convex on both surfaces, as a lens.
bifocal of eyeglasses or contact lenses, having two sections in each lens, one correcting for near vision and one for distant vision. [1/3 definitions]
camera a device with a shutter and lens that produces photographs by recording images on a light-sensitive film or plate. [1/2 definitions]
candid camera a small simple camera with a fast lens used to photograph unposed subjects or take informal pictures.
cataract clouding of the lens or capsule of the eye, blocking out light and causing partial or total loss of sight. [1/3 definitions]
concavo-convex pertaining to or designating a lens with a greater degree of curvature on its concave side than on its convex side. [1/2 definitions]
condenser a mirror, lens, or combination of lenses used to concentrate and direct light onto an object or area. [1/4 definitions]
contact lens a thin, usu. plastic lens, clear or tinted, that is worn over the cornea of the eye to correct imperfect vision or change the color of the eyes.
convexo-concave in optics, pertaining to a lens in which the convex side has a greater curvature than the concave side. (Cf. concavo-convex.) [1/2 definitions]
diopter a unit of measure of the refractive power of a lens, equal to the power of a lens with a one-meter focal length.
eye a mechanical or electronic device such as a camera lens that looks or functions like a biological eye. [1/9 definitions]
eyeglass a hand-held glass lens used to enhance vision; monocle. [1/4 definitions]
eyepiece the lens or lenses in an optical instrument, such as a microscope or telescope, through which one views the object or image under scrutiny.
fisheye lens a wide-angle camera lens that covers a full 180 degrees, producing images characterized by peripheral distortion and dramatically foreshortened perspective.