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A3 abbreviation of "angstrom" or "angstroms," a unit of length equal to one hundred-millionth of a centimeter, used in measuring light waves.
acetylene a highly flammable colorless gas used esp. to cut and weld metal and to give light.
actinic rays electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays or ultraviolet light, that can produce an image on a photographic emulsion.
advertise to present (a product or idea) in a favorable light to win public patronage, support, or approval. [1/4 definitions]
afterglow the light, or the impression of light, that lingers after its source or cause is gone, as after a sunset. [1/2 definitions]
against in contrast with, esp. dark on light. [1/5 definitions]
aglimmer putting forth a faint or fluctuating light; glimmering.
aglitter reflecting a sparkling light; glittering.
aglow shining or filled with a soft light; glowing. [1/2 definitions]
airiness the quality or condition of being confidently carefree or light. [1/2 definitions]
air well a usu. central court that is enclosed by the exterior walls of a building and provides air and light.
airy being of a thin or light appearance. [2/5 definitions]
albedo the degree to which a planet, asteroid, or the like reflects light. [1/2 definitions]
allegretto light, graceful, and quick in tempo, but slower than allegro (used as a musical direction). [1/2 definitions]
almond a light tan color resembling that of the flesh of the almond. [1/6 definitions]
angel food cake a light white sponge cake made of beaten egg whites, cream of tartar, flour, and sugar.
angstrom (often cap.) a unit of length equal to one hundred-millionth of a centimeter, used in measuring light waves; angstrom unit. (abbr.: A, A.U.)
aperture an opening, often adjustable, that controls the amount of light reaching the lens on a camera or other optical instrument. [1/2 definitions]
Apollo in Greek and Roman mythology, the god of light, prophecy, music, poetry, and medicine. [1/2 definitions]
aqua a light greenish blue or blue-green color. [1/2 definitions]
arc lamp a lamp, such as a searchlight, in which light is produced by an electric arc passing through a gas between two hot electrodes; arc light.