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adore (informal) to have a great liking for. [1/4 definitions]
affinity a strong sense of liking; a natural attraction or sympathy. [1/5 definitions]
antisocial (informal) not liking to socialize with others; withdrawn. [1/3 definitions]
bent1 an aptitude or liking. [1/6 definitions]
big on excited about; having a liking for.
fondness a strong liking or inclination. [1/3 definitions]
inclination a tendency towards; preference; liking. [1/5 definitions]
love a person, activity, or object for which one has intense affection or strong liking. [1/10 definitions]
partiality a particular liking or fondness. [1/3 definitions]
penchant a strong liking for or inclination towards something.
philo- loving; liking.
sweet tooth (informal) a liking or craving for candy, cake, or other foods with a high sugar content.
taste a personal liking. [1/14 definitions]
weakness a special liking. [1/4 definitions]
xenophilia a liking for foreigners or strangers or for foreign or strange things.
-y1 tending toward; inclined to; liking. [1/4 definitions]