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bill1 a written statement listing items or services and their cost. [1/7 definitions]
catalogue raisonné reasoned catalog (French); a listing of books, art works, or the like, with explanatory notes; descriptive catalog.
concordance an alphabetical index of all the main words in a book or in the entire work of an author, listing the contexts in which each word occurs and giving page references for each occurrence. [1/2 definitions]
conjugation in grammar, the process of listing systematically the inflected forms of a verb. [1/4 definitions]
credit (pl.) the listing of the names and contributions of each person or organization that has been part of the making of a film or other program. [1/12 definitions]
declension in grammar, the process of listing systematically the inflected forms of an adjective, a noun, or a pronoun by categories such as case, gender, and number. [1/3 definitions]
directory an index of names, locations, and often other data, such as a listing of telephone subscribers' names, addresses, and telephone numbers, or a listing of building occupants and their room numbers. [1/4 definitions]
discography a listing of the recorded works of a certain composer or performer. [1/2 definitions]
filmography a listing of movies that an actor has appeared in or that a director has directed.
Hall of Fame (often l.c.) a listing or description of persons considered to be outstanding in a particular profession, sport, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
index an alphabetical listing of subjects, names, specialized terms, and the like in a book, with page numbers given for each item indicating where these items are mentioned or discussed in the book. [1/10 definitions]
lexicon a dictionary or other inclusive listing of words. [1/3 definitions]
multiple-choice listing several possible answers from which the correct one is to be chosen, as a question on an examination or an examination made of such questions.
paradigm in grammar, an example of a conjugation or declension, listing all the inflected forms of a word. [1/2 definitions]
scratch sheet a racing publication listing the horses removed from races that day, and other pertinent information such as betting odds; dope sheet.
stemma in ancient Rome, a listing of the genealogy of a family; family tree. [1/2 definitions]
synchronism a usu. tabular and chronological listing that illustrates the simultaneousness of historical persons and events. [1/2 definitions]
synonymy the names used to identify species or other scientific groups in various systems, or a listing of these names. [1/3 definitions]
timecard a card listing the record of an employee's work hours, either stamped by a time clock or recorded by the employee.
timetable a schedule listing the times at which or within which certain events, such as the arrival and departure of trains, buses, and airplanes, are to occur.