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abandon ship to extricate oneself from a situation where danger or failure seems imminent, often at the expense of loyalty to a group or cause. [1/2 definitions]
adhere to maintain loyalty or support (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/3 definitions]
adhesion attachment, esp. to a principle or cause; loyalty; adherence. [1/4 definitions]
allegiance devotion or loyalty to a person, country, or cause.
attachment a bond that gives one fondness for or loyalty to a person, place, thing, or idea. [1/6 definitions]
blood brother a person to whom one is bound by strong ties of friendship and loyalty or by a ceremonial commingling of blood. [1/2 definitions]
bond that which binds people emotionally or intellectually, such as a common interest, love, or feelings of loyalty. [1/6 definitions]
brotherly having or showing affection, kindness, or loyalty.
chivalrous having the honorable qualities of courage and loyalty. [1/3 definitions]
chivalry gallantry, courtesy, loyalty, and other qualities expected of an ideal knight. [1/3 definitions]
constancy the quality of being constant or invariable, as in purpose, opinion, or devotion; steadfastness; loyalty. [1/2 definitions]
defection the act of deserting or renouncing loyalty to something to which one is supposed to be loyal, such as one's country, duty, religion, or party. [1/2 definitions]
disaffect to cause to lose affection for, loyalty to, or contentment in an idea, a person, or an organization such as a government; alienate.
disaffection an absence or loss of good will, faith, or loyalty, esp. toward a government, principle, or the like.
Erin go bragh Ireland forever (Irish Gaelic); (used to express loyalty to Ireland).
faith loyalty to a person or idea. [1/5 definitions]
fealty the loyalty pledged by a vassal to a feudal lord and considered as binding. [2 definitions]
fidelity loyalty or faithfulness to obligations, promises, or those to whom one has made a commitment. [1/3 definitions]
Good Conduct Medal in the U.S. military, a medal awarded to servicemen for dutifulness, efficiency, and loyalty.
lip service insincere expression of good will, devotion, respect, or loyalty.
patriotic feeling, showing, or caused by one's love for and loyalty to one's nation.