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aleatory pertaining to or depending on luck, chance, or contingency.
amulet a charm or talisman worn for good luck or to ward off evil.
chance luck; fortune. [1/7 definitions]
charm an object believed to have a magical protective effect or to bring luck; amulet. [1/11 definitions]
destiny that which has happened or must happen to someone or something because of fate or luck. [1/3 definitions]
devil a person who has experienced good or bad luck. [1/8 definitions]
fluke2 that which is accidentally successful; stroke of good luck.
fortune luck, whether good or ill. [2/4 definitions]
four-leaf clover a clover with four leaflets, regarded as a sign of good luck.
hap chance or luck. [1/3 definitions]
happen to have the accidental lot, luck, or misfortune (to be in a specified situation or do something specified); chance. [1/4 definitions]
happy-go-lucky trusting one's well-being or success to luck; carefree.
hit the jackpot (informal) to have sudden good luck or success, esp. with a financial reward.
hoodoo bad luck, or someone or something thought to cause it. [2/3 definitions]
ill with bad luck; unfortunately. [1/11 definitions]
jinx a person, thing, or set of circumstances that is believed to cause bad luck. [2 definitions]
luckless without good luck; attended by bad fortune.
luck out (informal) to experience an instance of extremely good luck.
mascot an animal, person, or thing that is considered to bring good luck, esp. one kept by or associated with an athletic team.
misadventure an instance of misfortune or bad luck; accident or mishap.
misfortune an instance of bad luck; unfortunate occurrence. [2 definitions]