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aggravated of a crime, considered more serious or malicious than is typical for the type of crime, especially if the criminal act involves the use of a gun. [1/2 definitions]
antivirus any software program designed to identify, thwart, and eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software programs. [2 definitions]
arson the illegal act of burning buildings, another's or one's own, for malicious purposes or to claim insurance money.
asperse to spread false accusations or malicious insinuations against; slander.
aspersion an insulting or malicious remark about someone; derogation; slander. [1/2 definitions]
bitchy (slang) usu. of a woman, malicious or bad-tempered.
black-hearted evil and malicious.
blackly with malicious or angry looks or intentions. [1/2 definitions]
cat1 a woman considered to be a spreader of malicious gossip. [1/4 definitions]
catty1 slyly malicious, esp. in one's remarks; spiteful.
evil-minded having evil or malicious thoughts or intentions.
fiend a cruelly malicious or wicked person. [1/3 definitions]
foul up by improper, inept, or malicious behavior, to cause (someone or something) to be confused, distressed, or inefficient. [1/2 definitions]
hack1 to use a computer or other electronic means to penetrate the protected computer system of a business, government, or individual, either as an act of mischief or with malicious intent, such as stealing data. [1/12 definitions]
insinuation a sly hint or suggestion, esp. a derogatory or malicious one. [1/2 definitions]
leer to give a sideways or nasty look or smile suggestive of malicious or sexual thoughts. [1/2 definitions]
machinate to invent, plot, scheme, or devise artfully, esp. with malicious intent.
malevolent wishing or doing evil to others; ill-willed; malicious.
monster someone who is wickedly brutish; a cruel or malicious person. [1/6 definitions]
mudslinging attempting to soil the reputation of an opponent by hurling malicious charges and accusations, esp. in a political contest.
nasty morally or socially objectionable; obscene, ill-tempered, or malicious. [1/3 definitions]