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ale a drink, made by fermenting malt, that is heavier and more bitter than beer.
barm yeast foam that appears atop fermenting malt liquors.
beer a fermented alcoholic drink made of hops and malt. [1/2 definitions]
brew to make (beer or ale) from malt and hops by a process of steeping, boiling, and fermenting. [1/9 definitions]
diastase an enzyme that changes starch into sugar, found in the seed of grains, malt, and the like; amylase.
malt to make (grain) into malt. [3/5 definitions]
malt extract a sweet, sticky substance obtained from soaking malt in water, used esp. as a health food.
malt liquor fermented beer or ale made from malt.
maltose a water-soluble sugar formed by malt enzymes acting on starch, used in brewing and distilling, as a nutrient or sweetener in foods, and in culture media.
maltster one who makes or deals in malt.
mash crushed malt or grain meal mixed with water, as for brewing or distilling alcoholic beverages. [1/5 definitions]
oast a kiln used for drying and curing tobacco or for drying hops or malt.
porter2 a dark malt ale whose color is achieved by drying the malt at a high temperature.
vinegar a dilute, sour-tasting solution of acetic acid, formed by the fermentation of wine, cider, or malt, and used primarily as flavoring for food or as a preservative.
wort2 an infusion of malt that ferments into beer or mash.