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aardvark a nocturnal mammal of southern Africa that has a long snout, long ears, and powerful claws for digging, and that feeds on ants using its extensile tongue.
aardwolf a striped, nocturnal African mammal of the hyena family that feeds primarily on insects.
alpaca a species of South American domesticated mammal, closely related to the llama, with long, soft hair. [1/4 definitions]
amnion a thin membranous sac, filled with a watery fluid, that contains the embryo of a mammal, bird, or reptile.
ampulla an enlarged part of a tube or canal, as of a milk canal in the milk-secreting glands of a mammal. [1/2 definitions]
animal such a living creature other than a human, esp. a mammal. [1/5 definitions]
ant bear a large, toothless, ant-eating mammal with a long snout, a sticky, extendable tongue, and a long shaggy tail; great anteater. [1/2 definitions]
armadillo a burrowing nocturnal mammal of the southern United States and South America, whose body is armored by jointed, bony plates.
badger the heavy black and white fur of such a mammal. [1/3 definitions]
bear2 a large, usu. omnivorous, furry mammal with a short tail. [1/5 definitions]
beast any four-footed mammal, esp. as distinguished from humans or from birds and invertebrates. [1/3 definitions]
beestings (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the first milk of a mammal, esp. a cow, after giving birth; colostrum.
bison a hoofed, shaggy, cud-chewing mammal with a large head and forequarters, short curved horns, and a hump at the shoulders, found in North America; buffalo. [1/2 definitions]
brute any nonhuman animal, esp. a mammal. [1/5 definitions]
carnivore a flesh-eating animal, esp. a meat-eating mammal. (Cf. herbivore.) [1/2 definitions]
cat1 a small carnivorous furry mammal, usu. kept as a pet or to catch mice and rats. [1/4 definitions]
coati a small tree-dwelling mammal, related to the raccoon, with a flexible snout and long ringed tail, found in Mexico and Central and South America.
colostrum the yellowish milk secreted by a female mammal in the first few days after the birth of young, that is esp. rich in immune factors and protein.
cowfish a small dolphin, whale, or other ocean mammal. [1/2 definitions]
dam2 a female parent, esp. of a four-legged mammal.
diestrus in a female mammal, the time between two periods of sexual heat.