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age to manifest the characteristics of being old. [1/11 definitions]
capability the potential to manifest certain abilities. [1/3 definitions]
declare to reveal or make manifest. [1/7 definitions]
drip to manifest some quality in an obvious manner or to an exceptional degree, often insincerely. [1/7 definitions]
evidence to make manifest or clear. [1/5 definitions]
evident clear; manifest; obvious.
evince to show or manifest clearly; give evidence of; make plain. [1/2 definitions]
exhibit to reveal or manifest (emotions, symptoms, or the like). [1/8 definitions]
express to show or make manifest. [1/8 definitions]
externalize to manifest or make external. [1/2 definitions]
medium a person through whom spirits manifest themselves, as in a seance. [1/9 definitions]
perseverate to manifest or experience perseveration. [1/2 definitions]
show an act of making something clear or manifest. [1/16 definitions]
visible obvious; manifest. [1/2 definitions]