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anthropology the scientific study of mankind, esp. its origins, development, social customs and structures, and cultures.
hominize to cause to change so as to be compatible with mankind as it evolves. [1/2 definitions]
Homo sapiens the scientific name for human beings or for mankind in general.
human of, relating to, or characteristic of mankind. [2/5 definitions]
humanity the race of human beings; mankind. [1/4 definitions]
man human beings in general; the human race; all mankind. [1/9 definitions]
monogenism the belief that all of mankind descended from one pair of ancestors. (Cf. polygenism.)
race2 all humanity; mankind. [1/5 definitions]
Upanishads a group of Hindu writings of the sixth to eighth centuries dealing with philosophical and theological questions of mankind and the universe.
world the whole human race; all mankind. [1/7 definitions]