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acid rain rain that has high acidity because of being mixed with pollutants such as vehicle exhausts and residues from burning of fossil fuels for energy or from chemical manufacturing.
bast the strong fibrous outer layer of certain plant stems, such as flax or hemp, consisting of phloem tissue, and used in manufacturing cordage or woven goods. [1/2 definitions]
CAM acronym of "computer-aided manufacturing."
carmaker an automobile manufacturing company.
cellulose an inert carbohydrate that is the main element of plant tissue, used in manufacturing paper, cellophane, textiles, and the like.
cybernation the use of computers to control and operate equipment, as in manufacturing.
dope any of various thick liquids or pastes used in construction or manufacturing to lubricate parts, absorb liquid, or the like. [1/7 definitions]
eosin a red crystalline powder, used in staining tissues for microscopic viewing, in coloring gasoline, and in ink manufacturing.
flow chart a detailed schematic diagram or chart showing a sequence of operations, as in a manufacturing process or a computer program.
full2 to shrink and thicken (cloth) in manufacturing. [2 definitions]
hydrocyanic acid a highly poisonous, flammable solution of hydrogen cyanide in water, used in manufacturing, working with metals, and the like; prussic acid.
hydrogen sulfide a poisonous, colorless gas that has the odor of rotten eggs and is used mostly in chemical manufacturing and metallurgy.
limestone a sedimentary rock of calcium carbonate formed mostly from animal remains such as shells and used in building and in manufacturing cement, lime, and carbon dioxide.
machine tool an automatic or semiautomatic power-driven tool, such as a punch press, lathe, or drill, used to cut or shape metal in the manufacturing of machines and machine parts.
mfg. abbreviation of "manufacturing," the production of goods on a mass scale.
nonmanufacturing combined form of manufacturing.
PCB any of a family of highly toxic chlorinated isomers of biphenyl, formerly used in manufacturing and as an electrical insulator; polychlorinated biphenyl.
plant a building or group of buildings, esp. those that house machinery and equipment for manufacturing; factory. [1/10 definitions]
rosin a translucent, yellow-brown, brittle residue of the distillation of turpentine from pine sap, used as a friction-increasing agent, as on the bows of certain stringed instruments, and in manufacturing varnish, inks, and soap. [1/3 definitions]
subcontract a contract to supply a part of the goods or services necessary to carry out a prior contract made by another agent, as in building, manufacturing, and other industries. [1/2 definitions]
supply chain the entire sequence of steps that are involved in manufacturing goods and bringing them to the consumer.