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affinity a relationship by marriage. [1/5 definitions]
-andry marriage to (so many) husbands. [1/2 definitions]
anniversary the yearly recurrence of a particular event such as a marriage. [1/2 definitions]
annulment a court decree declaring a marriage to be invalid. [1/2 definitions]
banns a public announcement in church of an upcoming marriage.
betroth to pledge or give in marriage.
bind to cause to be intimately connected and mutually obligated, as in marriage. [1/13 definitions]
civil marriage a marriage performed by a government official, such as a justice of the peace, rather than a clergyman.
cohabit to live together in an intimate relationship, esp. outside of marriage.
common-law marriage a marriage not contracted through a religious or civil ceremony but recognized as legal after the partners have lived together for a legally specified period of time.
conjugal of or relating to marriage or the relationship between wife and husband.
connubial relating to marriage or the matrimonial state; conjugal.
consummate to complete (a marriage) by the first act of sexual intercourse. [1/5 definitions]
consummation the bringing of a marriage to completion by the first act of intercourse. [1/3 definitions]
couple two people paired together by marriage or by being in a romantic relationship. [1/6 definitions]
courtship the process or period of seeking the affection of someone, esp. for the purpose of marriage. [1/2 definitions]
Demeter in Greek mythology, the goddess of agriculture, marriage, and fertility; Ceres.
divorcÚ a man whose marriage has been legally ended.
divorce the legal termination of a marriage contract, or the formal separation of spouses in societies without written laws. [3/5 definitions]
divorcee a woman whose marriage has been legally ended.
document a written or printed paper, often of a legal or official nature, that provides information, evidence, or proof of something, such as a birth certificate or marriage license. [1/4 definitions]