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adultery willing sexual intercourse between a married person and another who is not his or her spouse.
attached (informal) married or in a romantic relationship; not single or available as a partner. [1/4 definitions]
bachelor an unwed man, esp. one who has never married. [1/2 definitions]
baseborn born of parents who are not married to each other; illegitimate. [1/3 definitions]
benedict a newly married man, esp. one who was previously thought unlikely to marry.
betrothed a person to whom one is engaged to be married. [2 definitions]
bigamous being married to two husbands or two wives simultaneously, or involving such a condition.
bigamy in law, the crime of marrying one person while still married to another.
Bluebeard in folklore, a man who married and then killed six wives.
bride1 a woman who is newly married or is about to be married.
bridegroom a man who is newly married or is about to be married.
concubine a woman who cohabits with a man but is not married to him; mistress. [1/2 definitions]
countess a woman married to, or the widow of, a count or earl. [1/2 definitions]
coverture a married woman's legal status, esp. when merged with that of her husband. [1/2 definitions]
divorced no longer married because of divorce.
do˝a (cap.) Lady or Madam; a title of respect or courtesy used before a married woman's name in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries. [1/2 definitions]
dower a newly married woman's dowry. [1/4 definitions]
duchess a woman who is married to or the widow of a duke. [1/2 definitions]
engagement a pledge to be married; period of anticipating marriage; betrothal. [1/4 definitions]
extramarital of or pertaining to sexual relations between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse; adulterous.
fiancÚ a man who is engaged to be married.