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admeasure to measure out or distribute shares of; apportion.
amount quantity; measure. [1/4 definitions]
anapest a measure of poetic meter consisting of two short or unstressed syllables followed by one long or stressed syllable.
anemograph an instrument used to measure and record the speed of the wind.
apothecaries' measure a system of fluid measure used to dispense liquid drugs.
aptitude test a test intended to measure the probable ability of an untrained person to perform well in a particular job or course of study.
assess to examine and try to discover the extent, quality, or nature of; evaluate; measure. [1/3 definitions]
backbeat a primary accent on the second and fourth beats of a four-beat measure, common in popular music; secondary beat.
bar1 a vertical line that marks the beginning or end of a measure of music, or the music between two such lines. [1/13 definitions]
barleycorn an obsolete measure, equal to the width of a single grain of barley, or about one-third inch. [1/2 definitions]
basis point a unit equal to one hundredth of one percent, used in economics and finance to measure exchange rates, interest rates, and the like.
batting average a measure of a baseball player's batting ability computed by dividing the total number of base hits by the number of official times at bat. [1/2 definitions]
bd. ft. abbreviation of "board foot," or "board feet," a unit of measure for lumber, equal to one foot square and one inch thick.
board foot a unit of measure for lumber, equal to one foot square and one inch thick.
bushel1 in the US, a unit of capacity of dry measure equal to four pecks or 35.239 liters. [2/5 definitions]
by according to (some unit of measure). [1/16 definitions]
cab2 a Hebrew unit of measure equal to roughly two quarts.
caliper (usu. pl.) an instrument usu. having two hinged, curved legs and used to measure inner or outer dimensions, thicknesses, and distances between surfaces. [2/3 definitions]
clinical thermometer a small glass thermometer used to measure body temperature.
clinometer an instrument used to measure the angle of an incline.
clock1 to measure the time or speed of, using a clock or watch. [1/3 definitions]