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action the manner of a mechanism's moving or operating, or the mechanism itself. [1/8 definitions]
adjustment a means of adjusting, esp. a physical mechanism for regulating or correcting. [1/3 definitions]
alarm the sounding mechanism of an alarm clock or warning device. [1/5 definitions]
backstop (informal) any backup mechanism or safeguard. [1/2 definitions]
balance wheel a wheel that regulates the movement of parts of a mechanism, as in a watch or a music box.
bolt1 a sliding metal rod that pushes cartridges into the firing mechanism of a gun as it closes the breech. [1/14 definitions]
bombardier one who operates the bombsight and bomb-release mechanism in a bomber aircraft.
breech the back part of a gun barrel, esp. the location of the loading mechanism and chamber. [1/3 definitions]
checks and balances a governmental mechanism of self-regulation provided for in the U.S. and other constitutions, by which the powers of each branch of government are limited by powers vested in another branch of government.
clockwork the mechanical system and parts of a clock, or a similar mechanism.
cock1 the position of a gun's firing mechanism when it is ready to fire. [4/8 definitions]
coin-operated of a mechanism, activated or operated by the insertion of one or more coins in a slot.
contrive to cleverly devise (a mechanism or the like), esp. by improvising. [1/5 definitions]
crank to provide with a cranking mechanism. [1/6 definitions]
crossbow a bow mounted on a wooden stock that shoots arrows by means of a trigger mechanism.
cruise control a control mechanism in automobiles which keeps the vehicle traveling at a steady speed that is set by the driver.
detent a mechanical part that temporarily stops the motion of another, such as a catch that controls a clock's striking mechanism; pawl.
dial the mechanism of a television or radio for tuning to different channels or wavelengths. [2/8 definitions]
escalator a moving stairway that operates on a belt mechanism to carry people between floors, as of a department store, airport, or train station.
escapement the part of a mechanical watch or clock that controls the mechanism by the movement of a toothed wheel. [2 definitions]
exploded view a photograph, drawing, illustration, or diagram that displays the individual parts of a mechanism separately but indicates their proper relationship.