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argosy a large merchant vessel, esp. one carrying valuable merchandise. [1/3 definitions]
auction a public sale at which prospective buyers bid for goods and merchandise. [1/2 definitions]
bill of goods a shipment of merchandise for sale.
cash discount a discount on merchandise given in exchange for payment within a stipulated period, or the amount or percentage of the discount.
catalog a systematic, usu. annotated, list of book titles, merchandise, or the like that is available in or from a source such as a library, retail store, or mail order merchandiser. [1/5 definitions]
clearance sale a sale of retail merchandise designed to dispose of inventory, as of seasonal stock, usu. at reduced prices.
consign to send or present (merchandise) to an agent to be sold or stored. [1/4 definitions]
crier one who cries aloud or proclaims news or advertisements, such as a town crier or a hawker of merchandise. [1/2 definitions]
department store a large retail store organized into departments, each of which orders, displays, and sells certain types of merchandise.
discount house a store that regularly sells merchandise for less than the usual retail prices; discount store.
forestall to manipulate sales of by buying up, diverting, or otherwise causing a scarcity of the merchandise. [1/3 definitions]
general store a small retail store that sells a wide range of merchandise but is not divided into departments.
good (pl.) inventory; merchandise. [1/24 definitions]
goods merchandise; wares. [1/2 definitions]
import to bring in from an outside origin, esp. to bring in (merchandise) from a foreign country. [1/7 definitions]
inventory the actual items referred to on such a list, collectively, esp. merchandise or materials in stock. [1/5 definitions]
irregular a piece of merchandise that has an imperfection or is below standard. [1/10 definitions]
list price the price of merchandise as listed in a catalog, price list, or advertisement.
market price the price for which a commodity, security, or piece of merchandise sells in a given market; prevailing price.
market value the value of a business, property, security, commodity, or piece of merchandise in terms of the estimated price for which it can be sold in a given market.
off-price designating the retail stores or outlets that sell name brands and other high-quality merchandise at a discount. [2 definitions]