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argosy a large merchant vessel, esp. one carrying valuable merchandise. [1/3 definitions]
captain the chief officer of a merchant vessel or a commercial airplane. [1/8 definitions]
carrack a large merchant ship used esp. in the Mediterranean in the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries; galleon.
chandler a merchant of various supplies and dry goods, often for a ship. [1/2 definitions]
commodore a title of courtesy given to the senior captain of a merchant fleet or to the president of a yacht club. [1/2 definitions]
dealer one who buys and sells; trader or merchant. [1/2 definitions]
embargo a government order prohibiting merchant vessels from moving in or out of its ports. [1/4 definitions]
first mate the officer of a merchant ship second in rank to the captain; mate.
galiot a light, single-masted Dutch merchant vessel. [1/2 definitions]
ironmonger (chiefly British) a merchant who sells household tools, equipment, and other hardware.
John Hancock a prominent merchant and statesman who took part in the American Revolution and was a signer of the United States Constitution (b. 1737--d. 1793). [1/2 definitions]
longboat the longest and largest boat carried by a merchant sailing ship.
marine a nation's naval or merchant ships. [1/7 definitions]
master a captain of a merchant ship. [1/13 definitions]
mate1 an officer on a merchant ship who ranks directly below the master; first mate. [1/9 definitions]
merchant relating to the merchant marine. [1/4 definitions]
middleman an intermediate trader or merchant between producers and consumers.
Mister the title given to some officers or cadets in the military or merchant marine. [1/3 definitions]
Mr. abbreviation of "Mister," a title given to some officers or cadets in the military or merchant marine. [1/2 definitions]
Plimsoll mark one of a series of lines on the hull of a merchant ship that indicate the depth to which, under different, legally specified circumstances, it may be loaded.
PT boat a small, swift, highly maneuverable torpedo boat, used esp. to patrol and torpedo enemy merchant ships.