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gristmill a mill that grinds grain, esp. grain brought by customers.
lumberjack someone employed to cut down trees and deliver them to a lumber mill; logger.
mill1 to grind, crush, or pulverize in a mill. [2/9 definitions]
milldam a dam constructed to create a pond or head of water that can be released to turn a mill.
miller a person who owns, operates, or works in a mill, esp. a mill for grinding grain into flour. [1/3 definitions]
milling the act of processing something, esp. grain, in a mill. [1/3 definitions]
millpond a pond from which water is channeled to drive a mill.
millrace a channel in which flows the water that turns a mill. [1/2 definitions]
mill-run ordinary or unrefined; run-of-the-mill.
millstone either of a pair of circular stones that grind something, esp. grain, in a mill. [1/2 definitions]
millwork ready-made objects, usu. woodwork, produced in a mill, such as doors, windows, and moldings. [2 definitions]
money of account a monetary denomination or unit used in keeping accounts, esp. one that does not correspond to actual paper money or coin, such as the U.S. mill.
pepper grinder a device used generally in the home or in a restaurant for grinding peppercorns; pepper mill.
pepper mill a small hand mill used for grinding peppercorns.
quern a primitive, hand-operated mill, used esp. for grinding grain.
steelworker a person who works in a steel mill.
water mill a mill with machinery that is driven by water.
water power the legal right to this power as claimed by a mill. [1/3 definitions]