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ABC soil a soil made up of three distinct layers, the A, or top layer, being humus and organic matter, the B layer being clay and oxidized material, and the C layer being loose rock and mineral materials.
asbestos one of two forms of a mineral that can be separated into fibers, is not combustible, and is resistant to chemical action, used to make fireproofing and insulating materials. [2 definitions]
azurite a bright azure-blue mineral that serves as a copper ore. [2 definitions]
barite a mineral used as a source of the metal barium; barium sulfate.
beryl a crystalline mineral, aluminum beryllium silicate, from which beryllium and certain gemstones such as emeralds are derived.
bituminous coal a mineral coal that yields pitch and tar and has a yellow smoky flame when it burns; soft coal.
calcite a common, soft mineral that occurs in chalk, marble, and limestone and is composed of calcium carbonate.
calculus an abnormal stonelike accumulation of mineral salts in an organ of the body, such as a kidney stone. [1/2 definitions]
calx the crumbly ash remaining after a metal or mineral has undergone controlled heating.
cassiterite a mineral ore, tin dioxide, that is the principal source of tin.
ceramic of or pertaining to objects made from clay or other nonmetallic mineral. [1/3 definitions]
chlorite1 a green silicate mineral that occurs in platelike crystals.
cinnabar a reddish mineral that is the main ore of mercury and is sometimes used as a pigment; mercuric sulfide. [1/2 definitions]
concretion a solid mass made by or as if by coalescence, such as a mass of calcium or other inorganic material found in living tissue, or a mineral mass found in sedimentary rock. [1/3 definitions]
corundum an exceedingly hard mineral, aluminum oxide, occurring commonly in gray, brown, or blue varieties which are used esp. as abrasives, and more rarely in transparent, crystalline forms such as the ruby and sapphire used in expensive jewelry.
dendrite a crystalline mineral deposit that appears in another mineral or stone in a branching, treelike form. [1/2 definitions]
dolomite a usu. gray, pink, or white mineral, calcium magnesium carbonate, used esp. as a construction material and a fertilizer. [2 definitions]
endomorphic of or relating to one mineral that is enclosed within another. [1/2 definitions]
ferrite any of various mineral particles found in certain rocks as iron compounds. [1/3 definitions]
fluorite a transparent, crystalline, and variously colored mineral that is the chief source of fluorine; calcium fluoride.
fossilize to make into a fossil by replacing organic matter with mineral substances. [1/3 definitions]