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basil a type of aromatic herb of the mint family, used in cooking.
bergamot any of various plants related to mint that yield a similar oil. [1/3 definitions]
bugle2 any of several plants of the mint family, bearing small white, blue, or pink flowers.
catnip a downy, strongly scented plant of the mint family that is attractive to cats.
coleus any of various African or Eurasian plants of the mint family, grown for their attractive multicolored leaves.
crème de menthe a sweet, mint-flavored liqueur, usu. green or colorless.
dittany a fuzzy herb related to mint that is native to Crete. [2/3 definitions]
henbit a spreading European weed, related to mint, that has opposite, toothed leaves and bears small white, pink, or purple flowers.
humbug a hard, usually mint-flavored, candy. [1/8 definitions]
hyssop a woody aromatic plant of the mint family that is native to Asia and bears blue flowers in spikes.
julep an iced drink made with bourbon and sugar and flavored with mint; mint julep. [1/2 definitions]
labiate of or designating the mint plants. [2/4 definitions]
lavender any of various plants of the mint family bearing spikes of pale purple flowers. [1/3 definitions]
mint1 a candy that is flavored with mint. [1/2 definitions]
mintage money manufactured in a mint; coinage. [1/4 definitions]
mint jelly a jelly with mint flavoring, usu. served with lamb.
mint julep a tall, frosted alcoholic beverage made with bourbon or brandy, sugar, ice, and mint.
monetize to make into coins or other money; mint. [1/2 definitions]
motherwort any of a variety of weedy plants of the mint family that bear clusters of small pink or purple flowers.
oregano a plant related to mint and marjoram that is dried and used as a seasoning.
patchouli a mint plant native to India, having leaves that give off a fragrant brown oil. [1/2 definitions]