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binomial in algebra, an expression made up of two terms with either a plus or a minus sign between them. [1/2 definitions]
equity the net worth of a business or property; total value of assets minus outstanding liabilities. [1/5 definitions]
less made smaller by; minus. [1/6 definitions]
minus the mathematical sign (-) used to denote subtraction or negation; minus sign. [1/7 definitions]
minus sign One action we do with numbers is to subtract one number from another number. An example of multiplying is "five minus three equals two." When we write this in numbers, we use something called a minus sign (-) between the first two numbers: 5 - 3. The minus sign tells us that what is going to happen with these two numbers is subtracting. Three is going to be taken away from five.
pari-mutuel a system for betting on horse races, in which the winnings are paid from the total amount bet, minus taxes and management expenses. [1/2 definitions]
trinomial an algebraic expression consisting of three terms that are connected by plus or minus signs. [1/4 definitions]
wanting minus. [1/4 definitions]