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abstemious exercising restraint or moderation in eating and drinking. [1/2 definitions]
continence moderation or self-restraint, esp. in sexual activity. [1/2 definitions]
extremism a tendency to go beyond moderation to extreme positions, esp. on political issues.
id in Freudian psychoanalysis, the part of the psyche that is associated with instinct and primal drives, and that is subject to moderation by the ego and superego.
insobriety lack of sobriety or moderation; intemperance.
intemperate lacking moderation or restraint; excessive, overindulgent, violent, or the like.
mean3 moderation. [1/4 definitions]
non troppo not too much; in moderation (used with tempo directions in music).
temperance moderation in action, emotion, speech, or the like; self-restraint. [2 definitions]
temperate characterized by moderation or self-control; restrained. [1/4 definitions]