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bassoon a large low-pitched woodwind instrument consisting of a long doubled wooden tube fitted with a slender curved metal tube that terminates in a double-reed mouthpiece.
clarinet a woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece attached to a long, usu. wooden tube with finger holes and keys along its length.
embouchure the mouthpiece of a wind instrument. [2/4 definitions]
fipple flute a recorder or other vertical flute that has a slitted wedgelike plug, or fipple, in the mouthpiece.
flute a high-pitched musical instrument of the woodwind family, consisting of a long slender tube of wood or metal with finger holes or keys along it, that is played by blowing into a mouthpiece at one end or across a hole near one end. [1/8 definitions]
French horn a brass wind instrument that consists of a long coiled tube with a funnel-shaped mouthpiece, three valves, and a flaring bell at the end.
headset one or two earphones and sometimes also a mouthpiece, held to the head by a flexible band.
hornpipe a musical wind instrument whose mouthpiece and bell are usu. made of ox horn. [1/3 definitions]
nipple something resembling this projection, such as a rubber mouthpiece for a nursing bottle, or a pacifier. [1/3 definitions]
ocarina a small wind instrument that has a small mouthpiece and finger holes, is shaped somewhat like an elongated potato, and produces soft, hollow sounds.
recorder any of a family of flutelike wind instruments with eight holes and a whistlelike mouthpiece. [1/3 definitions]
reed a small, flexible strip made of cane or metal that is set into the mouthpiece of a musical instrument, and through which the player blows to produce a sound vibration. [1/3 definitions]
saxophone any of several wind instruments that have a conical metal body, finger keys, and a mouthpiece with a single reed; alto, tenor, baritone, soprano, or bass saxophone.