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arcane of a secret or esoteric nature; mysterious; abstruse.
cryptic difficult to understand; ambiguous or mysterious in meaning. [1/3 definitions]
eerie mysterious and frightening; weird.
enigma something puzzling, contradictory, or mysterious; something for which a solution cannot be found. [1/2 definitions]
enigmatic of, concerning, or like an enigma; puzzling; mysterious.
grin like a Cheshire cat to smile in a mysterious or inscrutable manner.
inscrutable impossible to comprehend or interpret; mysterious.
magic an overpowering, exceptional, or mysterious quality or influence. [1/6 definitions]
magical mysterious and charming. [1/2 definitions]
misterioso in a mysterious manner (used as a musical direction).
occult beyond the realm of human knowledge and understanding; mysterious or inscrutable. [1/8 definitions]
oracular of, like, pertaining to, or having the nature of an oracle; prophetic; wise; mysterious. [1/3 definitions]
runic1 mysterious or magical. [1/2 definitions]
sphinx one that is mysterious or hard to understand; enigma. [1/4 definitions]
spooky eerie and mysterious; weirdly disturbing.
Svengali one who exerts a mysterious controlling influence on another person or persons, usu. for self-serving or malevolent purposes.
unmysterious combined form of mysterious.
unsearchable not able to be investigated; mysterious; inscrutable.