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addiction the condition of being addicted, esp. to a narcotic substance.
betel the dried leaf of this plant, chewed with the betel nut as a stimulant or narcotic. [1/2 definitions]
betel nut the nut of the betel palm, chewed together with betel pepper leaves and lime in southeastern Asia as a mild stimulant and narcotic.
codeine a narcotic opium derivative used to relieve pain or coughing.
dope (informal) a narcotic or addictive drug or preparation, esp. one used illegally. [1/7 definitions]
drug a substance that causes a chemical change in the body and may be addictive; narcotic. [1/5 definitions]
fix (slang) an injection of a narcotic by an addict. [1/13 definitions]
hemp a narcotic substance derived from the hemp plant, such as marijuana or hashish. [1/4 definitions]
heroin an illegal addictive narcotic made from morphine that is usu. mixed with water and taken by injection.
junk1 (slang) heroin, or another narcotic. [1/5 definitions]
mandrake the root of this plant, formerly used in medicine as a narcotic and emetic. [1/2 definitions]
meperidine a synthetic narcotic compound used as a sedative and a pain reliever.
methadone a synthetic narcotic drug used in the treatment of heroin and morphine addiction and as a painkiller.
narcotize to treat with a narcotic; benumb or stupefy. [2/3 definitions]
opioid any natural or synthetic compound, including heroin, morphine, and certain prescription pain relievers, that binds opioid receptors and has an analgesic or narcotic effect. [1/2 definitions]
opium an addictive drug derived from one variety of poppy, containing various narcotic substances, and producing calm, stupor, sleep, or relief from pain. [1/2 definitions]
poppy the narcotic obtained from the opium poppy; opium. [1/3 definitions]
rush1 the sudden pleasure caused by a strong narcotic. [1/12 definitions]
shit (slang) a narcotic, esp. heroin or marijuana. [1/11 definitions]