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destiny that which brings about the necessity of all events; fate. [1/3 definitions]
free will in philosophy, the theory that humans possess the ability to make choices guided by individual values and ideals rather than governed by external pressures or physical necessity. (Cf. determinism.) [1/2 definitions]
have to to have the necessity to do something; be required to; must. [1/2 definitions]
modal auxiliary an auxiliary verb, such as "can," "may," "must," or "should," that is used to modify the meaning of a main verb by including such notions as necessity, possibility, certainty, capability, advisability, potential, and expectation.
must1 something important, extremely advisable, or essential; necessity. [1/7 definitions]
necessarily of necessity; inevitably.
need a requirement, necessity, or obligation. [4/10 definitions]
needs of necessity; necessarily (usu. fol. or prec. by "must").
nonnecessity combined form of necessity.
perforce out of necessity; without having a choice.
pill an unpleasant necessity or outcome. [1/6 definitions]
requirement something that is absolutely needed; necessity. [1/2 definitions]
requisition a demand, requirement, or necessity. [1/5 definitions]
sacramentalism the belief in the efficacy of the sacraments, or the belief in the sacraments as a necessity in obtaining salvation.
urgency the state of being urgent; pressing necessity or importance. [1/2 definitions]