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charitable generous in donations or benevolent actions for needy persons. [1/3 definitions]
charity something given to a needy person or persons; alms. [3/5 definitions]
dole a distribution of food, money, or the like to needy people. [2/4 definitions]
food stamp a U.S. Government coupon, issued to needy people free or at less than face value, that can be used to buy food.
Habitat for Humanity a non-profit worldwide housing organization founded in 1976 that recruits volunteers to build houses purchased through interest-free loans by the needy.
handout a charitable offering of food, clothing, money, or the like to the poor or needy. [1/2 definitions]
indigent without financial means to live; needy; poor. [1/2 definitions]
penurious extremely needy or poor; poverty-stricken. [1/3 definitions]
soup kitchen a place where food such as soup is distributed for little or no charge to needy people.
welfare public or private aid to needy people. [1/2 definitions]
welfare work the organized efforts of a community, agency, or organization to improve the living conditions and job opportunities of its needy citizens.