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ailanthus a deciduous tree, originating in Asia, with fernlike leaves and clusters of greenish flowers with an offensive odor.
almond having the taste, odor, or color of an almond. [1/6 definitions]
aroma a pleasant odor, such as that of spices, herbs, or food; fragrance. [2/3 definitions]
asafetida a gum resin obtained from Oriental plants related to the carrot, with a strong, offensive odor and a bitter taste, formerly used as a medicine.
banana oil a clear synthetic liquid with a bananalike odor, used as a flavoring or paint solvent, and in the making of lacquers; amyl acetate.
B.O. abbreviation of "body odor."
chanterelle a large edible yellow mushroom with a fruity odor.
creosote bush an evergreen, resinous shrub of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States, having a strong odor similar to that of creosote.
cyanic acid a colorless, poisonous, volatile acid with a pronounced odor of almonds.
deodorize to eliminate or conceal the odor of.
durian an edible oval fruit with a hard prickly rind, soft flavorful pulp, and an odor considered offensive by many. [1/2 definitions]
essential oil any rapidly evaporating oil that gives a characteristic odor or flavor to a plant, flower, or fruit, used in making perfumes, flavorings, and the like.
exhalation something that is exhaled, such as a breath or odor. [1/2 definitions]
fetid having a foul odor; stinking.
fool's-parsley a poisonous herblike plant of Eurasia, having a stinking odor and resembling parsley.
formaldehyde a colorless, water-soluble gas of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen, with a strong, irritating odor, used in the manufacture of various resins, dyes, and plastics and as a disinfectant and embalming agent.
foul extremely offensive to the senses, esp. of smell and taste, or permeated by something, such as an odor, that is offensive to the senses. [1/21 definitions]
frowzy having a foul or musty odor. [1/2 definitions]
fume (often pl.) a vapor, smoke, odor, or the like, esp. one that is disagreeable or unhealthful. [2/6 definitions]
hircine of or resembling a goat, esp. in odor.
hydrogen sulfide a poisonous, colorless gas that has the odor of rotten eggs and is used mostly in chemical manufacturing and metallurgy.