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codeine a narcotic opium derivative used to relieve pain or coughing.
laudanum a solution of opium and alcohol.
morphine a drug derived from opium and used as a sedative or anesthetic.
opiate any of a number of drugs containing or derived from opium that induces calmness, stupor, or sleep, or relieves pain. [2/7 definitions]
opioid any natural or synthetic drug that is structurally similar to opium and has a similar effect. [1/2 definitions]
opium poppy a Eurasian annual poppy having grayish-green leaves and bearing large white, red, pink, or purple flowers, and oily seeds, the unripe pods of which may be harvested for their opium-containing sap.
paregoric a mixture of camphor and opium in alcohol, used to treat diarrhea and intestinal pain. [1/3 definitions]
poppy the narcotic obtained from the opium poppy; opium. [1/3 definitions]