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effusion a great outpouring of feelings or thoughts, as in speech or writing. [1/2 definitions]
flood a great outpouring or flow. [1/8 definitions]
floodgate something that holds back a flow or outpouring. [1/2 definitions]
flow a smooth, steady outpouring or expansion, such as a tide or steady bleeding. [1/8 definitions]
fusillade an outpouring of anything; barrage. [1/3 definitions]
gush to experience a sudden, abundant, or violent outpouring, as of tears. [1/7 definitions]
lyricism a strong, spontaneous outpouring of subjective feeling; enthusiasm; exuberance. [1/2 definitions]
river an outpouring; stream. [1/2 definitions]
spate a sudden rush, outpouring, or flood. [1/2 definitions]
Thanksgiving (l.c.) feeling or outpouring of gratitude; giving of thanks. [1/2 definitions]