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euchre to outwit or deceive; cheat (usu. fol. by "out"). [1/3 definitions]
fox to deceive or outwit by trickery or cunning. [1/7 definitions]
mousetrap to entrap, outwit, or deceive. [1/3 definitions]
outfox to outwit or gain the advantage over through cunning; outsmart.
outguess to accurately anticipate and forestall the actions of; outwit.
outsmart to gain the advantage of by cleverness; outwit.
outthink to overcome, surpass, or outwit by thinking. [1/2 definitions]
stratagem a plan or trick to deceive, surprise, or outwit an opponent, esp. as a military maneuver. [1/2 definitions]
trick something done to deceive, cheat, or outwit someone. [1/15 definitions]